A Helpful Checklist for Your Moving Week

The week leading up to your moving date is stressful, and with so much to do, it is easy to make problematic oversights. To help you cope with this hectic time, we have collated a full checklist to guide you through each task you must complete.

One Week to Go

• Utilities - Give plenty of notice to your electricity, gas, water, telephone, and broadband providers of your moving date and tell them your new address.
• Change of Address - Make a list of everyone you need to give your new address to, including banks, the post office, the DVLA, friends, and relatives.
• Settle up - Cancel and pay for any milk or newspaper delivery arrangements. Make sure you have returned any borrowed items, such as library books.
• Children - If you have children, think about how you are going to keep them entertained or looked after during this busy time, especially the moving day itself.

Three Days to Go

• Keys - Leave all your sets of keys clearly labelled and in an obvious place. Don't forget to keep the keys to your new home handy to avoid any embarrassments at the other end.
• Laundry - Leave plenty of time to do your final wash - moving into a new home with large amounts of dirty or damp laundry is never pleasant.
• Pack a Bag - Prepare a bag of essentials to take with you on the day. This can include items such as light bulbs, matches, candles, a penknife, toiletries, a change of clothes, important documents, and other valuables.
• Parking Space - Plan ahead to make sure there will be enough space for a large van to park outside your home. Maybe your neighbours will help you out.

Two Days to Go

• Kitchen - Clear out all of your kitchen cupboards, the fridge, and the freezer. Throw out any out-of-date items, defrost your freezer, and clean your fridge.
• Valuables - Organise your valuable items, including documents, and make sure they are in a safe place where you won't forget them.

One Day to Go

• Packing - Try to get all of your packing finished today. You will need a few essentials for your final night in the house, such as a change of clothes, teabags, and a toothbrush.
• Flat Pack - Any large pieces of self-assembly furniture should be dismantled for ease of transit.
• Disconnect - Make sure any electrical equipment, including TVs, hi-fis, and white goods, have been properly disconnected and prepared for the trip.
• Garden Furniture - Where possible, keep garden items, such as chairs, tables, and plant pots, somewhere sheltered and dry.
• On-Street Parking - Try to ensure there is adequate space in front of your property for the removal van.

Moving Day

• Boxes - Make sure all of your boxes are packed and securely sealed. Label each box with the name of the room it belongs to.
• Bed Linen - Strip all of your beds and pack the linen away in a box or bin liner that is clearly marked. Leave it on a bed to ensure it will be easily located at the other end.
• Toiletries - You will want to have easy access to your bathroom products, so keep your essentials separate and pack the rest away in a clearly labelled box.
• When the Removal Van Arrives - Show the team around the house to make sure it is understood exactly what is to go and what needs to stay. Ideally, put articles you do not wish to be taken in a room with the door shut.
• Kettle - An essential in every house move, this should be the very last item to be packed away.
• Final Check - Once everything has been loaded up and is ready to go, take one final tour of the house to make sure nothing has been forgotten. Don't forget to check all the closets.
• Leaving - Do one final check, take meter readings, and make sure all the windows and doors are locked.

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